Pippin Prep

Sage Science Blue Pippin Size Selection

A Sage Science Blue Pippin instrument is available for use in the GC3F.


The Blue Pippin enables automated size selection of nucleic acid fragments anywhere between 50 and 50,000 bp in size.  This is made possible by pulsed-field electrophoresis using gel casettes that are specific for the desired purified fragment size (0.75% through 3% agarose).

Size selection on the Pippin is easier, safer, and more reproducible than traditional agarose gel extraction protocols involving a UV illuminator and a razor blade.  Accurate knowledge of NGS library insert size is essential for many bioinformatic analysis pipelines.  For this reason, careful fragment size selection on the Blue Pippin during sample preparation can pay huge dividends during downstream data analysis.


Fragment Analyzer traces of 5 different Blue Pippin size selected Illumina libraries. Fragments between 275 and 525 bp were targeted in each library.



Pippin gel casettes are available in the GC3F for a cost of $45 each.  Each casette can purify up to 5 samples.