qPCR Instruments

*** NOTICE ***

As of 06/19/17, the GC3F is now located at our brand new facility in 288 Klamath Hall!

The new IP address for the Applied Biosystems StepOne Plus instrument is



qPCR Instruments

The GC3F manages two qPCR instruments, an Applied Biosystems StepOne Plus and a BioRad CFX96.  Time on either instrument should be booked on the Google Calendars below (contact Maggie Weitzman mweitzm2@uoregon.edu  with your gmail address to be added to these).

ABI StepOne Plus:

If upon attempting to launch a new experiment you get a warning that there are uncollected results on the instrument, they belong to the previous user and will be overwritten unless you save them first!

Please do one of the following before proceeding with your run:
Save the previous results to a flash drive, OR
Download the previous results to a networked computer then, contact the GC3F and/or the previous user to let us know. 

BioRad CFX96

This instrument is designated for use by META from 8am-12pm, M-F.   It is open for booking by any user after 12pm M-F, and on weekends.  If you’re not from META and would like to use this instrument in the morning during M-F, you are welcome to book a morning time slot as long as no one from META has already booked it by that morning.

Whichever time slot you end up with, please book it online! Thanks!