HiSeq 4000 Flowcell Viewer


If you often find yourself wondering how long it might be until your HiSeq 4000 sample gets sequenced ...
This Flowcell Viewer will help you visualize how close a flowcell is to being launched!

Listed below are all the HiSeq samples that are currently on the "Samples Received" tab of our Illumina queue. These are HiSeq requests for which we have received the physical samples, but we have not yet begun sequencing.

  • These samples are grouped below by the requested configuration (run type and read length*).
  • In order for us to launch a HiSeq flowcell, we must have received and QC'd at least 8 samples for a given configuration. 
  • The closer to 8 samples we have QC'd for your configuration, the closer your run is to being launched!
  • Samples are automatically removed from this view once their sequencing run has begun.

* If the submitter has opted to allow more than one read length, their request will appear in the groups for ALL of those allowed read lengths.

PLEASE NOTE: The groups displayed below may not reflect the final lane configuration and are subject to change.


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