Illumina HiSeq 4000 sequencing now available!

Thanks to a generous donation to genomic research at UO, the GC3F is now offering Illumina HiSeq 4000 sequencing services.  The HiSeq 4000 utilizes the latest patterned flowcell technology from Illumina, yielding roughly 2x the per-lane read number and data output as the older HiSeq 2500.  Compared to the HiSeq 2500, run times are dramatically faster, data quality is higher, and reagent prices are lower on the 4000.  We have established protocols for sequencing all popular library types on the new instrument (including RAD-seq!) and are accepting sample submissions now.

HiSeq 4000 prices (per lane)
Run Type Internal rate (UO, OSU, PSU, OHSU) External Rate
Single Read 75 $770 $1193
Single Read 100 $912 $1411
Single Read 150 $1053 $1630
Paired End 75 $1319 $2040
Paired End 100 $1459 $2258
Paired End 150 $1741 $2695

Click here to submit a sample for sequencing!

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