PacBio Sequencing

The UO GC3F now offers Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) sequencing services on our newly installed PacBio Sequel system!  Single Molecules of native DNA are sequenced in Real Time on the Sequel instrument utilizing devices called "SMRT cells".  Each SMRT cell can yield between 5 and 10 Gb of sequence data, with a read length of greater than 10 kb on average.  

Curious about how this works?  Watch this.


Sample Preparation *  
Internal Rate (per library) $450.00
External Rate (per library) $675.00
Internal Rate (per SMRT cell) $800.00
External Rate (per SMRT cell) $1,200.00

*Obtaining sufficient quantities of high molecular weight DNA for PacBio sample preparation can be difficult.  Additional service fees (Fragment Analyzer, Pippin Prep, etc.) may apply for extra QC and troubleshooting.

Please contact Doug Turnbull for details on PacBio sample submission.