Sample Prep Services

The GC3F offers full-service sample preps for many popular sequencing library types, including stranded mRNA-Seq, whole genome shotgun, 16S amplicon, 10X whole genome linked reads, single cell mRNA-Seq, PacBio, and many others -- including custom projects by request! Please contact us to inquire.

All library prep services include numerous quality control (QC) steps, including but not limited to:

  • Initial quantifcation and fragment analysis of your input samples
  • Barcoding of multiple libraries using uniquely dual indexed adapters
  • Size selection/dilution/concentration
  • qPCR quantification and fragment analysis of each barcoded sub-library
  • Final multiplexing based on qPCR results

Contact Maggie Weitzman ( for details on sample drop off, etc.

* Users from UOOSU, and OHSU are eligible for Internal pricing. All other users are considered External.
   Final prices may differ slightly depending on project complexity, extra steps needed, etc.