GC3F is currently operating according to policies described in our approved Stage 1 Recovery Plan. A summary of these policies is posted up around the core, as well as HERE.



  • Are GC3F operations back to normal for the most part? YES!

Thanks for your patience while we experienced some processing delays as our staff was pulled from our normal GC3F duties to establish and operate the new COVID-19 testing facility on campus. New staff have now been hired for the COVID-19 lab, which means GC3F staff are back in the core and things are (mostly) back to normal here! We are currently accepting all types of service requests and sample prep projects, from both internal and external researchers.

  • Can I access the GC3F to use the instrumentation? YES!

Please read and carefully adhere to our PPE, disinfection, & social distancing rules HERE (hard copies are also posted up around the core). We are strictly enforcing these rules! Please also remember to sign up on the iLab calendar if your instrument requires it.

  • What do GC3F turnaround times look like these days?

If you are awaiting completion of a current service request, thanks for your patience while we ramp back up in the core and work hard to clear the queue backlogs. Rest assured that we are continuing to process your requests as quickly as we can. Also, remember that you can check the status of your requests and view your "place in line" any time by viewing the Sample Prep and Sequencing QUEUES linked at the top of the <<< LEFT PANEL MENU <<< of this website.

If you are submitting a new service request, please expect some minor delays as we clear the backlogs and begin to return to normal processing times. If you have a time-sensitive service request, please contact us to coordinate your project and to get a better estimate of turnaround time. As always, we will do our best to help you meet pressing deadlines for critical projects.

Also, please continue to refer to this statement about turnaround times that is posted around our website:

We do our best to give an accurate estimate of turnaround time when service requests are submitted. These estimates are not guarantees and occasionally change due to unforeseen circumstances (instrument maintenance/repairs, staff sick leave, etc.). Please let us know if you have a hard deadline on project completion when you submit your service request and we will take measures to ensure that we either meet that deadline or inform you ASAP if circumstances beyond our control will cause us to miss it. Thanks!

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during these extraordinary times! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.



The Genomics and Cell Characterization Core Facility (GC3F) supports scientific research at the University of Oregon by making a broad array of high end specialized instrumentation accessible to UO researchers for genomics, flow cytometry, and light microscopy applications. We also offer in-house sequencing sample prep services, for both internal and external users.  

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