The GC3F is now offering PacBio sequencing on our freshly installed Sequel II instrument!

The Sequel II instrument produces reads of equivalent length and quality to our previous Sequel instrument, and can be used for all your favorite sequencing applications:

  • Long-insert genomic libraries for de novo assembly, structural variant detection, etc.
  • HiFi genomic libraries for highly accurate CCS reads for SNP calling, small variant detection, etc.
  • Multiplexed microbial libraries
  • IsoSeq (transcript isoform) libraries
  • Small insert libraries constructed from amplicons, plasmid digests, capture pulldowns, etc.




BUT, compared to Sequel I, the new Sequell II produces an
8-fold increase in read number per SMRT Cell 8M,
for only ~40% higher cost than the previous SMRT Cell 1M!

In fact, the new Sequel II actually produces data at a
lower cost per Gb than our Illumina HiSeq 4000!


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