• Sequencing, Sample Prep & Flow Cytometry: 288 Klamath Hall
  • Microscopy: 270 Klamath Hall
  • Bioinformatics Support: 262A Klamath Hall
  • Shipping Address: 

University of Oregon/GC3F
1318 Franklin Blvd
Room 273 Onyx Bridge
Eugene, OR 97403



> For GENERAL inquiries: genomics@uoregon.edu 

To request a quote, to get information about services/instruments, if you’re not sure which lab member to contact, etc.

> For SPECIFIC inquiries: See table below

If you already know based on previous discussions which lab member can best address your inquiry, please email them directly!

  • Illumina / PacBio / 10X Genomics experiment design & sequencing
  • HiSeq 4000 sequencing queue
  • General sample prep, molecular biology
  • Data delivery & analysis
  • Administrative, billing, partnerships

Doug Turnbull, Ph.D.
OFFICE: 541-346-5170

  • PacBio / 10X Genomics experiment design & sequencing
  • PacBio Sequel II sequencing queue
  • Molecular biology, general sample prep, DNA & RNA extraction
  • PacBio library preps (genome / amplicon / IsoSeq / etc), 10X Genomics single cell preps (mRNA / ATAC-seq  / etc), microbial community profiling preps
Tina Arredondo, M.Sc.
Research Assistant
LAB: 541-346-5130
  • MiSeq / NextSeq 500 sequencing queues
  • Flow cytometry / cell sorting
  • Molecular biology, general sample prep, DNA & RNA extraction
  • mRNA sample preps, WGS sample preps, other standard library preps
  • Additional services for your completed Illumina libraries (size selection, concentration, fragment analysis, qPCR, multiplexing, etc.)
Jeff Bishop
Research Assistant
LAB: 541-346-5130
  • Microscopy
  • Image analysis workstations

Adam Fries, M.Sc.
Research Associate



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