Welcome to University of Oregon's Genomics and Cell Characterization Core Facility (GC3F)

GC3F supports life science research with advanced instrumentation including:

  • Next-generation DNA sequencing services using Illumina NovaSeq 6000, NextSeq 2000, and MiSeq sequencers.

  • Third-generation long read DNA sequencing using PacBio Sequel II as well as Oxford Nanopore Promethion and MinIon sequencers.

  • Advanced Light Microscopy with multiple scanning and spinning-disk confocal, super-resolution (SIM), and light-sheet microscopes.

  • Flow Cytometry with a Sony SH-800 cell sorter

  • High throughput automated liquid handling with LabCyte Echo, Hamilton Vantage, and Eppendorf robots.

  • Mass Spectrometry with a Bruker Microflex Smart LS MALDI

  • DNA/RNA fragment analysis, qPCR, NanoDrop spectrophotometry, Qubit quantification, and more!

All of our services are available to users from any department at UO, as well as to off-campus users from other academic institutions and industry

Services can be requested and instruments reserved via our iLab page here

More information about our service offerings can be found in the "Services and Instruments" menu above