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These are past samples prep projects which have been completed.

Prep status ID iLab Service IDsort ascending Lab Submitter Date Sample Received Assigned to
Request completed 7190 GC3F-RC-7791 Funk, William (CSU) Lab Rebecca Cheek 06/02/2023
Request completed 7140 GC3F-TL-7731 Floragenex Lab Tressa Linquist 05/24/2023
Request completed 7135 GC3F-SB-7726 Cresko, William (Oregon) Lab Susie Bassham 05/24/2023
Request completed 7126 GC3F-SB-7720 Cresko, William (Oregon) Lab Susie Bassham 06/02/2023
Request completed 7118 GC3F-TL-7711 Floragenex Lab Tressa Linquist 05/10/2023
Request completed 7141 GC3F-SL-7732 Leiboff, Samuel (OSU) Lab Samuel Leiboff 05/18/2023
Request completed 7097 GC3F-SRK-7701 Waits, Lisette (UI) Lab Shannon Rose Kieran 05/05/2023 KS
Request completed 7076 GC3F-JR-7643 Fisher, Robert (USGS) Lab Jonathan Richmond 04/25/2023
Request completed 7042 GC3F-TL-7626 Floragenex Lab Tressa Linquist 04/18/2023
Request completed 7030 GC3F-CW-7616 Postlethwait, John (UOREGON) Lab Catherine Wilson 04/17/2023 TA
Request completed 7025 GC3F-ZZ-7610 Douglas, Marlis (UOAF) Lab Zach Zbinden 04/14/2023
Request completed 7019 GC3F-GM-7605 Mhuireach, Gwynne (UOREGON) Lab Gwynne Mhuireach 04/18/2023 JB
Request completed 7026 GC3F-TL-7612 Floragenex Lab Tressa Linquist 04/12/2023
Request completed 6996 GC3F-JW-7587 Near, Thomas (Yale) Lab Julia Wood 04/05/2023
Request completed 6982 GC3F-YC-7580 Chiari, Ylenia (GMU) Lab Ylenia Chiari 04/17/2023
Request completed 6983 GC3F-SG-7579 Glaberman, Scott (GMU) Lab Scott Glaberman 04/17/2023
Request completed 6975 GC3F-TG-7536 Guldberg, Robert (UOREGON) Lab Tyler Guyer 03/28/2023 TA
Request completed 6973 GC3F-SJ-7534 Block, Barbara (Stanford) Lab Shaili Johri 03/30/2023 TA
Request completed 6972 GC3F-YC-7533 Chiari, Ylenia (GMU) Lab Ylenia Chiari 03/30/2023 TA
Request completed 6967 GC3F-CD-7531 Roy, Bitty (Oregon) Lab Carolyn Delevich 03/24/2023 TA