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These are past samples prep projects which have been completed.

Prep status ID iLab Service ID Lab Submitter Date Sample Received Assigned to
Request completed 5649 GC3F-SA-5798 Ackerman, Sarah (UOREGON) Lab Sarah Ackerman 03/09/2022 MW
Request completed 5634 GC3F-MM-5791 McGlaughlin, Mitchell (UNCO) Lab Mitchell McGlaughlin 03/04/2022 JB
Request completed 5637 GC3F-ZB-5795 Libuda, Diana (UOREGON) Lab Zac Bush 03/04/2022 JB
Request completed 5630 GC3F-BD-5788 Davidson, Jean (CPSU) Lab Ben Daniels 03/09/2022 MW
Request completed 5627 GC3F-AW-5781 Hauser, Lorenz (UW) Lab Anita Wray 03/02/2022 JB
Request completed 5611 GC3F-AC-5730 Case, Andrea (KSU) Lab Andrea Case 03/01/2022 TA
Request completed 5600 GC3F-KA-5720 Bohannan, Brendan (Oregon) Lab Karen Adair 02/23/2022 JB
Request completed 5595 GC3F-ME-5716 Mueller, Ryan (OSU) Lab Mary English 02/23/2022 TA
Request completed 5592 GC3F-SB-5714 Huxtable, Adrianne (UOREGON) Lab Sarah Beyeler 02/18/2022 JB
Request completed 5568 GC3F-OO-5707 Near, Thomas (Yale) Lab Oliver Orr 02/18/2022 JB
Request completed 5567 GC3F-AY-5701 Yong, Angela (ASSB) Lab Angela Yong 02/28/2022 MW
Request completed 5593 GC3F-JW-5699 Phillips, Patrick (UOREGON) Lab John Willis 02/16/2022 MW
Request completed 5565 GC3F-SP-5698 Ferguson, Betsy (OHSU) Lab Sam Peterson 02/16/2022 MW
Request completed 5546 GC3F-SA-5677 Sperling, Felix (UAlberta) Lab Shawn Abraham 02/10/2022 MW
Request completed 5547 GC3F-DDSS-5676 Sperling, Felix (UAlberta) Lab Diego de Santana Souza 02/10/2022 MW
Request completed 5538 GC3F-TD-5666 Leiboff, Samuel (OSU) Lab Thai Dao 02/09/2022 JB
Request completed 5529 GC3F-BC-5663 Crump, Byron (OSU) Lab Byron Crump 02/07/2022 JB
Request completed 5528 GC3F-EF-5654 Vega-Thurber, Rebecca (OSU) Lab Eddie Fuques-Villalba 02/08/2022 JB
Request completed 5527 GC3F-EF-5655 Vega-Thurber, Rebecca (OSU) Lab Eddie Fuques-Villalba 02/08/2022 JB
Request completed 5520 GC3F-MM-5643 McGlaughlin, Mitchell (UNCO) Lab Mitchell McGlaughlin 02/02/2022 JB