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These are past samples prep projects which have been completed.

Prep statussort descending ID iLab Service ID Lab Submitter Date Sample Received Assigned to
Request completed 4294 GC3F-CW-3617 Postlethwait, John (UOREGON) Lab Catherine Wilson 11/24/2020 MW
Request completed 5439 GC3F-JH-5487 Harrington, Jillian (NH) Lab Jillian Harrington 12/20/2021 TA
Request completed 5857 GC3F-KV-6047 Vining, Kelly (OSU) Lab Kelly Vining 04/27/2022 TA
Request completed 3931 GC3F-JS-3122 Simmons, Jeff (TVA) Lab Jeff Simmons 06/10/2020 JB
Request completed 5064 GC3F-AM-4994 Harms, Michael (Oregon) Lab Anneliese Morrison 09/20/2021 JB
Request completed 4485 GC3F-CG-3943 Ting, Nelson (UOREGON) Lab Claire Goodfellow 02/05/2021 JB
Request completed 6113 GC3F-JH-6458 Harrington, Jillian (NH) Lab Jillian Harrington 07/18/2022
Request completed 4821 GC3F-SM-4505 McCalla, Stephanie (MSU) Lab Stephanie McCalla 06/24/2021 JB
Request completed 4145 GC3F-DW-3390 Vandergast, Amy (USGS) Lab Dustin Wood 09/18/2020 JB
Request completed 5258 GC3F-MP-5263 Phelps, Michael ( WSU) Lab Michael Phelps 12/09/2021 MW
Request completed 5611 GC3F-AC-5730 Case, Andrea (KSU) Lab Andrea Case 03/01/2022 TA
Request completed 4657 GC3F-TG-4133 Guldberg, Robert (UOREGON) Lab Tyler Guyer 05/03/2021 MW
Request completed 6270 GC3F-RM-6671 Massatti, Rob (USGS) Lab Rob Massatti 09/13/2022
Request completed 4946 GC3F-SN-4794 Waits, Lisette (UI) Lab Stacey Nerkowski 08/05/2021 JB
Request completed 4297 GC3F-AP-3620 Polyakov, Ann (Independent) Lab Ann Polyakov 05/27/2021 MW
Request completed 5447 GC3F-ZZ-5541 Douglas, Marlis (UOAF) Lab Zach Zbinden 01/06/2022 JB
Request completed 5873 GC3F-LM-6119 McKnight, Laura (UOREGON) Lab Laura McKnight 05/13/2022 JB
Request completed 3936 GC3F-A(K-3126 Tripepi, Bob (UI) Lab Anne (Jenny) Knerr 06/16/2020 MW
Request completed 5073 GC3F-SW-4996 Jayne, Melodi (UOREGON) Lab Stacey Wagner 09/20/2021 MW
Request completed 4491 GC3F-SP-3947 Ferguson, Betsy (OHSU) Lab Sam Peterson 02/17/2021 MW