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These are past samples prep projects which have been completed.

Prep statussort descending ID iLab Service ID Lab Submitter Date Sample Received Assigned to
Request completed 5292 GC3F-MB-5299 Cervera Juanes, Rita (OHSU) Lab Megan Ball 11/29/2021 JB
Request completed 6073 GC3F-JH-6337 Harrington, Jillian (NH) Lab Jillian Harrington 07/07/2022
Request completed 4332 GC3F-DK-3728 Near, Thomas (Yale) Lab Daemin Kim 12/02/2020 JB
Request completed 4954 GC3F-RB-4819 Kulkarni, Rajan (OHSU) Lab rachel berryman 08/09/2021 JB
Request completed 3986 GC3F-CC-3155 Concannon, Patrick (UF) Lab Colin Callahan 06/30/2020 MW
Request completed 5466 GC3F-SN-5551 Waits, Lisette (UI) Lab Stacey Nerkowski 01/12/2022 JB
Request completed 6270 GC3F-RM-6671 Massatti, Rob (USGS) Lab Rob Massatti 09/13/2022
Request completed 4519 GC3F-TD-3972 Postlethwait, John (UOREGON) Lab Thomas Desvignes 02/18/2021 MW
Request completed 5092 GC3F-MM-4953 Hennebold, Jon (OHSU) Lab Melinda Murphy 09/28/2021 JB
Request completed 5110 GC3F-SB-5082 Cresko, William (Oregon) Lab Susie Bassham 10/13/2021 MW
Request completed 5733 GC3F-ZZ-5901 Douglas, Marlis (UOAF) Lab Zach Zbinden 03/29/2022 JB
Request completed 4203 GC3F-JR-3498 Vandergast, Amy (USGS) Lab Jonathan Richmond 10/14/2020 JB
Request completed 4726 GC3F-BM-4263 Matthews, Benjamin (UBC) Lab Benjamin Matthews 04/29/2021 MW
Request completed 4869 GC3F-JS-4488 Mehlenbacher, Shawn (OSU) Lab Jacob Snelling 06/09/2021 MW
Request completed 5297 GC3F-SA-5302 Ackerman, Sarah (UOREGON) Lab Sarah Ackerman 12/09/2021 TA
Request completed 6094 GC3F-CL-6423 Booth, Warren (Tulsa) Lab Cari Lewis 07/07/2022 JB
Request completed 4333 GC3F-PN-3736 Nguyen, Petr (IAPG) Lab Petr Nguyen 12/07/2020 MW
Request completed 4957 GC3F-CG-4826 Ting, Nelson (UOREGON) Lab Claire Goodfellow 08/11/2021 JB
Request completed 3993 GC3F-LC-3202 Liu, Yuangang (OHSU) Lab Lucia Carbone 07/07/2020 JB
Request completed 5470 GC3F-AY-5553 Yong, Angela (ASSB) Lab Angela Yong 01/14/2022 MW