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These are past samples prep projects which have been completed.

Prep statussort descending ID iLab Service ID Lab Submitter Date Sample Received Assigned to
Request completed 5845 GC3F-TL-6039 Parent, Christine (UI) Lab Thomas Linscott 04/20/2022 TA
Request completed 4141 GC3F-SJ-3388 Block, Barbara (Stanford) Lab Shaili Johri 09/30/2020 MW
Request completed 5382 GC3F-JH-5440 Harrington, Jillian (NH) Lab Jillian Harrington 12/09/2021
Request completed 6504 GC3F-JH-6973 Harrington, Jillian (NH) Lab Jillian Harrington 11/10/2022
Request completed 4621 GC3F-DVI-4111 van de Rijn, Matt (SU) Lab David van IJzendoorn 03/25/2021 MW
Request completed 4986 GC3F-CB-4885 Barnes, Christopher (NNRC) Lab Christopher Barnes 09/29/2021 MW
Request completed 6091 GC3F-CX-6444 Doe, Christopher (UOREGON) Lab Chundi Xu 08/29/2022 JB
Request completed 4276 GC3F-MJ-3608 Berg, David (MU) Lab Mary Jones 11/12/2020 JB
Request completed 5567 GC3F-AY-5701 Yong, Angela (ASSB) Lab Angela Yong 02/28/2022 MW
Request completed 4778 GC3F-CC-4404 Concannon, Patrick (UF) Lab Colin Callahan 05/19/2021 MW
Request completed 5600 GC3F-KA-5720 Bohannan, Brendan (Oregon) Lab Karen Adair 02/23/2022 JB
Request completed 3914 GC3F-A(A-3109 IMBBC (HCMR) Lab Aglaia (Cilia) Antoniou 06/19/2020 JB
Request completed 5202 GC3F-MJ-5208 Blackmon, Heath (TAMU) Lab Michelle Jonika 11/10/2021 MW
Request completed 6269 GC3F-RM-6672 Massatti, Rob (USGS) Lab Rob Massatti 09/13/2022
Request completed 4484 GC3F-ST-3937 Noma, Kenichi (UOREGON) Lab Sanki Tashiro 02/05/2021 JB
Request completed 4914 GC3F-DT-4668 Tank, Dave (Idaho) Lab Dan Turck 07/22/2021 JB
Request completed 5853 GC3F-BD-6044 Davidson, Jean (CPSU) Lab Ben Daniels 04/26/2022 JB
Request completed 4143 GC3F-JZ-3389 Ponisio, Lauren (UOREGON) Lab Jocelyn Zorn 09/18/2020 JB
Request completed 5384 GC3F-CL-5441 Booth, Warren (Tulsa) Lab Cari Lewis 12/09/2021 JB
Request completed 6521 GC3F-JH-6989 Harrington, Jillian (NH) Lab Jillian Harrington 11/28/2022