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We have received the physical samples for these projects and may be at various stages of processing, as described in the table below:

Status of your project in our lab Corresponding "Prep Status" displayed
We’ve received your physical samples, but we have not yet started working on your project. Sample(s) received
We are currently working on your sample prep(s). Initial QC in progress
Initial QC completed
Testing in progress
Testing completed
Prep in progress
We have finished the sample prep(s) and are in the final stages of completing your project. Prep completed
Final QC in progress
Final QC completed
Multiplexing in progress
Request completed
Prep status ID iLab Service ID Lab Submitter Date Sample Receivedsort descending Assigned to
Prep in progress 4965 GC3F-SR-4842 Hennebold, Jon (OHSU) Lab Sweta Ravisankar 08/16/2021 JB
Prep in progress 4993 GC3F-KV-4955 Vining, Kelly (OSU) Lab Kelly Vining 09/02/2021 MW
Prep in progress 5128 GC3F-CS-5097 Doyle, Robert (BU) Lab Chase Smith 10/13/2021 MW
Prep in progress 5127 GC3F-CS-5095 Doyle, Robert (BU) Lab Chase Smith 10/13/2021 MW
Prep in progress 5217 GC3F-CS-5228 Smith, Chase (UTA) Lab Chase Smith 11/10/2021 MW
Initial QC completed 5152 GC3F-TK-5124 Puillandre, Nicolas (MNHN) Lab Tanya Karagyozova 11/17/2021 MW
Testing in progress 5280 GC3F-SB-5286 Cresko, William (Oregon) Lab Susie Bassham 11/22/2021 JB
Prep in progress 5315 GC3F-JT-5362 Shatz, Carla (Stanford) Lab Johanna Tomorsky 12/03/2021 JB
Prep in progress 5328 GC3F-CS-5418 Smith, Chase (UTA) Lab Chase Smith 12/03/2021 MW
Sample(s) received 5310 GC3F-SB-5350 Cresko, William (Oregon) Lab Susie Bassham 12/03/2021 JB
Initial QC completed 5371 GC3F-OO-5429 Near, Thomas (Yale) Lab Oliver Orr 12/07/2021 JB
Prep in progress 5300 GC3F-BD-5304 Davidson, Jean (CPSU) Lab Ben Daniels 12/09/2021 MW
Prep in progress 5231 GC3F-SB-5243 Cresko, William (Oregon) Lab Susie Bassham 12/10/2021 MW
Sample(s) received 5323 GC3F-DK-5372 Bocak, Ladislav (PUO) Lab Dominik Kusy 12/15/2021 MW
Multiplexing in progress 5421 GC3F-MB-5480 Cervera Juanes, Rita (OHSU) Lab Megan Ball 12/17/2021 JB
Multiplexing in progress 5422 GC3F-MB-5479 Cervera Juanes, Rita (OHSU) Lab Megan Ball 12/17/2021 JB
Testing in progress 5419 GC3F-MM-5473 McGlaughlin, Mitchell (UNCO) Lab Mitchell McGlaughlin 12/17/2021 JB
Request completed 5439 GC3F-JH-5487 Harrington, Jillian (NH) Lab Jillian Harrington 12/20/2021 TA
Initial QC completed 5433 GC3F-MM-5484 Moss, Madonna (UOREGON) Lab Madonna Moss 12/27/2021 JB
Testing in progress 4911 GC3F-NNM-4660 Hasson, Esteban (IC) Lab Nicolás Nahuel Moreyra 12/29/2021 MW