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We have received the physical samples for these projects and may be at various stages of processing, as described in the table below:

Status of your project in our lab Corresponding "Prep Status" displayed
We’ve received your physical samples, but we have not yet started working on your project. Sample(s) received
We are currently working on your sample prep(s). Initial QC in progress
Initial QC completed
Testing in progress
Testing completed
Prep in progress
We have finished the sample prep(s) and are in the final stages of completing your project. Prep completed
Final QC in progress
Final QC completed
Multiplexing in progress
Request completed
Prep status ID iLab Service ID Labsort descending Submitter Date Sample Received Assigned to
Initial QC in progress 5802 GC3F-SC-5978 O'Connell, Lauren (Stanford) Lab Stephanie Caty 04/13/2022 JB
Sample(s) received 5930 GC3F-MP-6155 Phelps, Michael ( WSU) Lab Michael Phelps 05/25/2022 JB
Initial QC in progress 6018 GC3F-TP-6282 Steinauer, Michelle (WUOHS) Lab Tom Pennance 06/14/2022 JB
Sample(s) received 5976 GC3F-TA-6253 Turnbull, Doug (Oregon) Lab Tina Arredondo 06/02/2022
Sample(s) received 6023 GC3F-TA-6288 Turnbull, Doug (Oregon) Lab Tina Arredondo 06/15/2022 TA
Sample(s) received 5874 GC3F-DVI-6124 van de Rijn, Matt (SU) Lab David van IJzendoorn 05/03/2022 TA
Sample(s) received 5875 GC3F-DVI-6123 van de Rijn, Matt (SU) Lab David van IJzendoorn 05/03/2022 TA
Initial QC in progress 5857 GC3F-KV-6047 Vining, Kelly (OSU) Lab Kelly Vining 04/27/2022 TA
Sample(s) received 6022 GC3F-KV-6286 Vining, Kelly (OSU) Lab Kelly Vining 06/15/2022 TA
Prep in progress 5599 GC3F-AY-5718 Yong, Angela (ASSB) Lab Angela Yong 02/28/2022 TA