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These are past samples prep projects which have been completed.

Prep statussort descending ID iLab Service ID Lab Submitter Date Sample Received Assigned to
Final QC in progress 6609 GC3F-MH-7098 Hellberg, Michael (LSU) Lab Michael Hellberg 12/12/2022 TA
Prep in progress 6930 GC3F-SB-7489 Cresko, William (Oregon) Lab Susie Bassham 03/14/2023 TA
Prep in progress 6374 GC3F-KV-6799 Vining, Kelly (OSU) Lab Kelly Vining 10/14/2022 TA
Prep in progress 6395 GC3F-SB-6813 Cresko, William (Oregon) Lab Susie Bassham 10/07/2022 TA
Prep in progress 6415 GC3F-LVG-6826 Spatafora, Joseph (OSU) Lab Lluvia Vargas Gastelum 10/13/2022 TA
Prep in progress 6437 GC3F-SB-6845 Cresko, William (Oregon) Lab Susie Bassham 10/21/2022 TA
Request completed 3931 GC3F-JS-3122 Simmons, Jeff (TVA) Lab Jeff Simmons 06/10/2020 JB
Request completed 5162 GC3F-MM-5129 McGlaughlin, Mitchell (UNCO) Lab Mitchell McGlaughlin 10/20/2021 JB
Request completed 4485 GC3F-CG-3943 Ting, Nelson (UOREGON) Lab Claire Goodfellow 02/05/2021 JB
Request completed 5840 GC3F-SM-6036 Mussmann, Steve (FWS) Lab Steve Mussmann 04/21/2022 TA
Request completed 6443 GC3F-DK-6855 KOSMA, DYLAN (UNR) Lab DYLAN KOSMA 11/02/2022 TA
Request completed 4897 GC3F-TC-4570 Cervera Juanes, Rita (OHSU) Lab Tim Carlson 06/30/2021
Request completed 4145 GC3F-DW-3390 Vandergast, Amy (USGS) Lab Dustin Wood 09/18/2020 JB
Request completed 5320 GC3F-WB-5366 Holzapfel, Christina (UOREGON) Lab William Bradshaw 01/03/2022 JB
Request completed 4657 GC3F-TG-4133 Guldberg, Robert (UOREGON) Lab Tyler Guyer 05/03/2021 MW
Request completed 6035 GC3F-JH-6311 Harrington, Jillian (NH) Lab Jillian Harrington 07/07/2022
Request completed 6706 GC3F-JH-7206 Harrington, Jillian (NH) Lab Jillian Harrington 01/18/2023
Request completed 4973 GC3F-AY-4871 Yong, Angela (ASSB) Lab Angela Yong 08/22/2021 MW
Request completed 4294 GC3F-CW-3617 Postlethwait, John (UOREGON) Lab Catherine Wilson 11/24/2020 MW
Request completed 5595 GC3F-ME-5716 Mueller, Ryan (OSU) Lab Mary English 02/23/2022 TA