Liquid Handling Instruments

The GC3F houses modern liquid handling instruments that are available to the UO community to help reduce your pipetting burden and streamline your sample prep process!


Rainin Liquidator 96: High Throughput Pipetting

The GC3F houses two Rainin Liquidator 96 instruments that operate at 20 µL and 200 µL max volumes. These instruments work just like manual hand-held pipettes (2-stage plunger mechanism) and allow consistent pipetting of reagents into all wells of a 96-well plate in one fluid motion! For this reason, some researchers like to call them "plate stampers."

The Liquidators use specialized sterilized PCR-clean filter tips, which we stock in house and sell to users at cost.

These instruments do not require you to schedule a reservation. Just let us know when you want to use them and we'll coordinate with you!



Eppendorf EpMotion 5075 TMX: Liquid Handling Robotics

The GC3F houses an Eppendorf EpMotion 5075 TMX liquid handing robot, which has a 13-position work table capable of accepting a diverse array of multi-well sample plates.  We also have adapters for working with standard microtubes and large reservoir troughs.
The EpMotion also has a “thermo-mix” position on the worktable that is capable of vortex mixing as well as heating / cooling samples in a 96-well plate.  This allows some enzymatic reactions to be conducted on the robot worktable for automated, high throughput sample processing.

PCR-clean filter tips for the robot are available in the core (in 50 µL and 1000 µL sizes) and can be purchased from the GC3F at cost.  The hourly fee for robot usage is $25 per hour. 

Contact Maggie Weitzman ( for training on the EpMotion prior to use.

CLICK HERE to schedule a reservation on the epMotion! (Note, you will need to register for an iLab account.)