Illumina NovaSeq now available in GC3F! 

Thanks to a generous award from the Murdock Charitable Trust, GC3F is now offering Illumina sequencing services on a NovaSeq 6000 sequencer. The NovaSeq will be taking the place of our workhorse HiSeq 4000, and offerings the following advantages over the older platform:

  • Multiple output modes from 400M up to 2500M read pairs per lane
  • Lower cost per Gbp than HiSeq 4000, even in the lowest NovaSeq output mode (SP)
  • Lowest cost per Gbp of any available sequencing platform in high output (S4) mode
  • Fewer lanes per flowcell = less lead time waiting for lane submissions from other users needed to launch runs
  • Full compatibility with all Illumina library types


Log in to iLab to submit a sample to run on the NovaSeq!


Current NovaSeq lane queue viewable here!

Pricing info for single-lane NovaSeq sequencing

Run Type

Internal Rate

External Rate

Run Configurations

Read Pairs per lane**

S4 300 Cycle $4500 $5625 PE 2x150 2-2.5 billion+
S4 35 Cycle $3300 $4163 SR 53*, PE 2x32* 2-2.5 billion+
S1 300 Cycle $3300 $4163 PE 2x150 650-800 million+
S1 100 Cycle $2490 $3113 SR 118*, PE 2x59* 10X scRNA 650-800 million+
SP 500 Cycle $2700 $3375 PE 2x250 325-400 million+
SP 300 Cycle $1980 $2475 PE 2x150 325-400 million+
SP 100 Cycle $1440 $1800 SR 118*, PE 2x59* 10X scRNA 325-400 million+

*All NovaSeq kits contain sufficient reagent to sequence an additional 38nt beyond the specified cycle number. These can be used for 10X cell barcodes, long dual index reads, or extended read length for the library inserts

**These are the official Illumina output specs and are conservative. Real world performance will often exceed these read numbers


Notice: HiSeq 4000 Service ending June 1st. 

After a years of very productive use, our HiSeq 4000 will be going offline at the end of May. We will make sure that all existing submissions are either loaded on HiSeq runs before then, or sequenced on our new NovaSeq 6000. If you absolutely must have HiSeq data (additional replicates for a long running project, etc.), please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate your request.

Please note that all of the NovaSeq run modes now provide a lower cost per GB of data than the HiSeq 4000. This includes NovaSeq SP lanes, which are roughly equivalent in output to HiSeq 4000 lanes. In addition, the NovaSeq has proven to be fully compatible with every library type we have tried (including RAD-seq), so we are confident that making the switch to the new platform will benefit all of our existing HiSeq users!




We are currently operating according to policies described in our approved Stage 1 Recovery Plan.

A summary of these policies is posted up around the core, as well as HERE.



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We have had an increasing number of requests for the retrieval of old sequencing data from our archive. While we are always happy to help whenever we can, a couple of issues have arisen surrounding this. CLICK HERE to review our new policy on data retention & retrieval.


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