The UO GC3F is now using Agilent iLab Software for managing all of our service requests, equipment reservations, and invoicing & billing procedures!

Making this transition to iLab will allow both the GC3F staff and our customers to track all requests, reservations, and billing information in a more centralized and searchable database.

iLab also provides customers with an easy way to preview the costs of your requests prior to submission, to generate your own quotes as needed, to obtain financial approvals from your PI's (if they require it), and to review & approve billing invoices!


>>> What this change means for you:

  • Beginning today, Monday 6/11/18, you will no longer be able to submit Illumina sequencing requests using the old form on our UO website, nor will you be able to schedule equipment reservations using the old Google calendars. We will also no longer be relying on email and/or paper sign-up sheets to keep track of Sample Prep, Fragment Analysis, PacBio, MiSeq, and other service requests.

  • You'll need to register for an account with iLabAll of the following services will now be managed through iLab:

    • Submitting requests for all Illumina & PacBio sequencing
    • Submitting requests for additional QC, muiltiplexing, size selection, etc. for submitted sequencing libraries
    • Submitting requests for all Sample Prep projects (both Illumina & PacBio platforms)
    • Submitting requests for Fragment Analysis
    • Purchasing aliquots of sample prep reagents (magnetic cleanup beads, uniquely dual-indexed Illumina adapters, etc.)
    • Scheduling equipment (flow cytometers, qPCR instruments, microscopes, etc.)
    • Managing your all financial information (funds, indices, PO's, invoices, billing communications, etc.)
  • Please take a few minutes to view the NEW tutorial videos we've created, as we think this will make it significantly easier for you to make the transition with us! 

We currently have 3 essential videos to help you get started. Click these links to open in YouTube, or simply scroll to the bottom of this page:

We'll also be adding more videos as time goes on!


>>> We want you to be able to still find the information you need right here on our UO website.

If you are trying to "check the queue" to find the status of your sample, or are simply browsing for info and pricing on our services, you can still do all that right here on our UO website!

Here's a list of things you can still do on this UO website, without needing to log into iLab:

  • With your existing account info, you can log in here to access info on any previous sequencing requests (QC data, sequencing data, run info, etc.) that were submitted prior to the iLab switch 
  • Check the status of your sample in the Illumina sequencing queue, which is automatically synched to iLab once per hour
  • NEW!!! If you're submitting HiSeq samples, check out our brand new feature, the HiSeq 4000 Flowcell Viewer! We think you'll really like this one. It should now be a lot easier to get a feel for when your flowcell is ready to be launched! We've also added a new icon to indicate what stage of QC your sequencing sample is in.
  • Once your sequencing run is completed, you will be automatically emailed links to download your sequencing data, as well as our QC data (fragment analysis and qPCR). You will not need to log in to iLab or our UO website to access those links directly.
  • And of course, all the details about our numerous service offerings, instruments available for use, and pricing info is still right here on our website!


>>> We will be adding more new features to our UO website over the next few months.

For example, we don't currently have a Sample Prep queue feature here, so for the time being you'll need to log into iLab to check on the status of any Sample Prep requests. BUT, we are planning to add this in the near future, so that you could check the status of ANY type of request right here, just like you can now for Illumina sequencing. Stay tuned!


We appreciate your patience in making the transition with us to this new system. If you get stuck at any point, or are still feeling confused after watching the tutorial videos, please reach out to iLab support, or Doug or Maggie in the GC3F. 




>>> iLab: How to find our page & register for an account

>>> iLab: Scheduling equipment & Requesting services

>>> iLab: Managing your lab's financial settings (for PI's & lab managers)